5 ways to reclaim your spark after the big 'C'...

Learn how to adjust to life after cancer in powerful ways.

You or a loved one is affected by cancer and it often feels like you’re drowning...

If worry and negative thoughts weigh you down or you're feeling flat and low in energy...

If all kinds of emotions arise when you look at your body in the mirror...

Well, it's time to reclaim your body, your mind and reactivate your spark.


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In this FREE step-by-step guide you will discover the secrets to 5 effective and efficient techniques that will empower you to reconnect with your life and body, and boost your energy!

Learn how to reset your inner dialogue and change the negative mindset into a positive flow. Discover tried and tested techniques to rebuild your confidence inside and out. Learn how to improve your self-care through joyful daily rituals. Let go of harmful thoughts and blocks and reconnect with others around you. 

Leave the constant emotional rollercoaster behind. Discover what you really want from yourself and others. Break the negative thought cycle and create a clear, positive path, and a more compassionate mindset for yourself and your body.

Let go of doubt and self-criticism! Learn to reprogram your brain and accept the changes in your mind and body! Most importantly, learn to reset the inner dialogue around cancer, and reclaim the spark and joy in your life again!

It's time to focus your energy on positive beliefs! Learn to let go of the frustrations and fears. To enhance your body image, build body confidence, and increase your energy and desire for great sex. Bring intimacy back into your thoughts, feelings and life.


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Hi, I’m Dr Amanda Hordern.

I’m a leading Australian health expert, and I’ve dedicated my life to cancer care and support. My extensive knowledge is built from years of experience as an Executive Director of Cancer Information and Support at Cancer Council Victoria, and decades of counselling, teaching, nursing, and research in cancer and palliative care. 


Drawing on the latest evidence in neuroscience, I’ve assisted thousands of people to ‘reprogram’ their minds to embrace measurable and uplifting changes in their lives, no matter what age, culture, gender, or stage of cancer. 

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And just think, instead of spending years and hundreds more hours desperately trying to change your life, you can finally empower yourself by investing in you and your life!

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